This project, created for my typography 3 class, consists of creating a pitchbook, revolving around proposing a major career retrospective exhibition for an internationally recognized and renowned graphic designer at a prominent Canadian Art Gallery or another well-known cultural or public institution. The aim is to celebrate the designer’s significant contributions to the field of graphic design and to showcase their groundbreaking work to a wider audience.



Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat

Solution & Process

1. Visual Platform Doc.

This was the first opportunity to explore the possible visual directions for my Designer Major Retrospective Exhibition. This document is the precursor to the pitchbook, to ensure I’m on the right track. It consists of information on my chosen designer, Michael Bierut, as well as original imagery, graphic devices, typography, colour and iconography inspired by the designer to promote the exhibition. The goal for this is to be visually powerful, memorable and engaging. 

2. Pitchbook

 The pitchbook aims to be a storytelling publication, generating excitement about the mbtb exhibit. The pitchbook includes various components such as text pages, visual assets pages and components like quote/image pages. This book was printed and the binding is wiro. Throughout the pitchbook, careful attention is given to creating an exquisite and memorable design that has a “wow factor,” urging the gallery to take on this significant exhibition opportunity showcasing the selected graphic designer’s wonderful work.